Leah Mulligan Cabinum creates sculptural works and drawings, including installations and object-oriented pieces. She manipulates every day materials through innovative applications, which are sometimes accompanied by other sensory components such as video or sound. Her ongoing studio practice is experimental and renders regular exhibitions.

January 22 - February 24, 2016

Reception February 11, 2016  5:00 - 7:00 pm

The works in this exhibition are intended to mimic life's cyclical nature through an active exploitation of materials. Phases ranging from youth through maturity are referenced and aligned to environmental cycles such as those of the moon, flora, and reproduction. The interplay between seemingly contradictory elements creates balance - masculine and feminine, manmade and organic, and light and dark. Everything is related in some fashion. Life a circle everything loops, resonates and repeats. Naturally, one's perspective may shift, obscuring, from those less curious, the connections. The universality of our own evolution eventually becomes apparent to each of us, and however subtly, becomes personal.